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Kastellorizo.net wishes to all of you
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2009!!!


New Update! July 2008 Gallery!!!


Videos of July 2008:

1. Parastas Cave Nr 1.
2. Parastas Cave Nr 2.
3. Crystal Clear waters of Kastellorizo.
4. A sea turtle visits our house!!!
5. St. George of the Island.
6. Profitis Ilias Tradition!
7. Chasing an octopus... outside our house!
8. Half Flip Jump in the water Nr 1.
9. Half Flip Jump in the water Nr 2.

NEW! Presentation of the Puzzlee "Eledone from Kastellorizo" at the
International Puzzle Party 2008
" in Prague. The puzzle was given to over
100 distinguished and famous members, while Eledone received many
good comments.
Click here to view a photo from the IPP 08. On the left is
the Greek-Luxemburgian Georges Helm (who is the biggest collector of
Rubik's cubes in the world), on the right is Pantazis Constantine Houlis,
and at the bottom of the photo there are over 100 copies of the puzzle.



Ksereis Patela Vrahou?
News for Kastellorizo may be found in the websites of the local and athenian newspapers:
Philoxenous, Rodiaki, The Age, Aegean Times, TGA News,Eleutherotupia,
, Kathimerini, Athens News, Nautemporiki, www.in.gr.

Click here to view Pateles Vrahou from previous months...

Constantine Houlis and family, wish to congratulate their son Pantazis Houlis for being nominated as 141st best Lecturer in Australia for 2007 (among 20,162 nominations), 3rd in Western Australia, and 1st in the Department of Engineering at the University of Western Australia. Many wishes for even higher honours!
For more information, please visit the website: www.lectureroftheyear.com.au

Kastellorizo Geneology Site at www.castellorizo.org!
Maurizio Molinari's:
(1) The Feeling and the Mood of Megisti.
(2) Territorial Government Plan of Kastelorizo.
(3) Bakery of Kastelorizo.
(4) Let’s twin with Kastelorizo.
The Kastellorizo Forum at www.castellorizohistory.com!!!
A nice German Gallery

The Blue Cave and much more in the 2nd issue of the magazine EGEO Exotico!
- Caves of Kastellorizo!!!
Plus: A fully detailed report (PDF file) for every single cave in Kastellorizo!!!
(as submitted to the Ministry of Culture - many thanks to Stelios Zacharias)

- A German page for Kastellorizo!
° brandsborg.com gallery!
° Dinos Houlis Megisti Gallery
° GENEALOGY SITE!!! (by Alan Agapitos - it contains information mostly from Western Australia)

Recommended books to buy and read:

Kastellorizo YouTube.com VIDEOS!

1) Kastellorizo Greek Island. (absolutely brilliant!)
2) Landing on Kastellorizo. (excellent!)
3) Port of Megisti.
4) The Solar Eclipse from Kastellorizo.

29th of March 2006:
Did you know that a Solar Eclipse took place in Kastellorizo?
(small video and NEW photos included!)


Pictures, Information etc.

1. General Pages

1.1 A detailed map (426KB) of Kastellorizo!

1.2 A Nautical Map of Kastellorizo! (a contribution from www.1yachtua.com)

1.3 Municipality of Megisti
     1.3.1 Traditions of Megisti (in Greek)
     1.3.2 Economy of Megisti (in Greek)
     1.3.3 Brief History of Megisti (in Greek)

° 1.4_Megisti Gallery July 2005 Part I!

° 1.5_Megisti Gallery July 2005 Part II!

° 1.6 Megisti Panoramic Photo Gallery !

° 1.7 Megisti Video Clips Gallery! (Quicktime Player must be installed)

° 1.8 Georgios Zarhanis Megisti Gallery!

° 1.9 P. Efstathiou Megisti Gallery!

° 1.10 Underwater Octopus Gallery!

° 1.11 Municipality Megisti Gallery!

° 1.12 3-D Stereogram Megisti Gallery!

° 1.13 Bonus Megisti Gallery!

1.14 Various services with Rooms To Let, Tours etc.

° 1.15 Worldwide Association of Kastellorizians "O Agios Constantinos" - (Peiraias Headquarters - hosted in Mr Vassilis Nikolaras page).

1.16 Useful Phone Numbers (from Mr Vassilis Nikolaras personal page)

° 1.17 Megisti Gallery! - A collection of photos gathered from many sources.

° 1.18 Another Megisti Gallery! - (there are also some very old ones donated by Micheal Houlis)

° 1.19 Mini Megisti Gallery!

° 1.20 Interesting comments about the island. (you are encouraged to give your opinion too!)

° 1.21 Solar Eclipse on the 29th of March 2006 in Kastellorizo!!! More details here! (in Greek)

° 1.22"Mediterraneo", an Italian movie made in Kastellorizo!

° 1.23 The Kastellorizo Forum! Now you have a place to post about our lovely island!

° 1.24 A MAGNIFICENT gallery by Robert Krämer of how Kastellorizo was in 1978! A picture of Panormitis is also included!!! (German Site)

° 1.25 External Kastellorizo Gallery! (German Site)

° 1.26 External Kastellorizo 1999 Gallery! (Dutch Site)

° 1.27 External Kastellorizo Gallery! (Dutch Site)

° 1.28 Michael Zouloufos Megisti Gallery! (some include the island of Ro)

° 1.29 Wikipedia shows some Kastellorizo information!

° 1.30 Connie Gregory's Megisti Gallery and Article!

1.31 Kastellorizo gallery from Italy!

1.32 Megisti.info!!! (great site!)

1.33 A Scandinavian Kastellorizo Site!

° 1.34 David Gilmour's New Album "On an Island" tops US, UK, and European charts!
(the album's first song is named "Castellorizon"! It has no lyrics, because there are simply no words to describe the beautiful island!)

1.35 Maria Matsos Megisti Gellery!

1.36 Diosif Megisti Gallery! (external link)


2. More than a picture.... 

2.1 A spectacular MOVIE that I created and dedicate to all the Kastellorizians. It is about classic arcade game characters dancing in Kastellorizo!!! I present the MAME dance (Zorba style) - (you need to have Flash installed).

2.2 Nostalgic views of the port: view Nr 1 - view NR 2 - view NR 3 - view NR 4 - (you must enable Java here).

2.3 A nice "Panorama" of Megisti accompanied by a lovely poem (made by Mr Komninos - requires quicktime movie player).

2.4 Have you ever experienced an earthquake? If not click here!!!

2.5 Professional photograph by George Amatsetakis!!!

2.6 Professional photograph by Paolo Motta!!!

2.7 Professional photograph by Paolo Motta!!!

2.8 Panorama di Castelrosso...

2.9 NEW A nice Panorama of Kastellorizo!


Links to Megisti related sites

3. Travel Information and Commercial pages

3.1 Various services with Rooms To Let, Tours etc.

° 3.2 Do you want to learn how to make Katoumari? Just visit Kastellorizo.com.au!

° 3.3 Kas and Kastellorizo Tour

° 3.4 Dilos Holiday World.

° 3.5 Abentuer-Reisen (German Tour Agency)

° 3.6 A page from EOT

° 3.7 Online Hotel Reservations

° 3.8 Kastellorizo Public Airport

° 3.9 www.kastellorizo.com.au (it includes a recipe for Katoumari!!!)

° 3.10 www.castellorizo.com (under construction)


4. Historical and Personal pages

° 4.1 1932 Convention between Italy and Turkey

° 4.2 Prefecture of Dodecanese

4.3 Overview of Kastellorizo

4.4 Holiday information

4.5 Poseidon Project (information about the Dodecanese islands including Kastellorizo and Ro).

4.6 Historical Information

4.7 More pictures

5. Other Related Links

° 5.1 Rodiaki, Dimokratiki, Rodos Vitrina, and Proodos, local newspapers from Rhodes, occasionally writing about Megisti.

° 5.2 NEIC: Near-Real-Time Earthquake Bulletin

Megisti is also known as: Kastellorizo, Kastelorizo, Castellorizo, Castelorizo, Megiste, Megeste and Megesti.

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