29th of March 2006:
The Solar Eclipse in Kastellorizo!!!

A video from the Greek channel ANT1 presenting
some nice moments of this natural phenomeno.
(3 minutes, 30 seconds - 30 Mbytes)

Some pictures from external links
may be viewed here, here and here!


Kastellorizo Solar Eclipse Gallery

Photos from a greek magazine (many thanks to Michael Zouloufos)



Photos from Loukas Hapsis

Για την πρώτη φωτογραφία έστησαν τη μηχανή σε τρίποδο και την προγραμμάτισαν να τραβάει φωτογραφία ανά 15 λεπτά πάνω στο ίδιο καρέ. Έτσι βλέπουμε όλες τις φάσεις της έκλειψης.
Στην τελευταία και κοντινό πλάνο, θα δείτε δεξιά ότι έχουν διαγραφεί δύο ηλιακέ εκρήξεις (δύο μαύρα μικρά τρίγωνα ακριβώς δίπλα στην επιφάνεια του ήλιου).
In the first photo, a picture was taken every 15 minutes and it shows the orbit of the eclipse.
In the last photo, it can be seen that two solar explosions have been reported (two black triangles just beside the sun's surface).


Detailed Information from www.Astrovox.gr (in Greek)
Detailed Information from www.CalSky.com (in English)
Detailed Information from www.CalSky.com (in German)

ASTRONOMICAL DETAILS (from www.CalSky.com):

Local Circumstances for Solar Eclipse
Wednesday 29 March 2006
Location 36 07 40N 29 34 00E (Kastellorizon Airport)
Times are in UT/GMT add 2 hours for local time

09h34m41.2s Partial Solar Eclipse begins
Position angle=225.8°, Position angle vertex=237.6°, Altitude=56.5°, Azimuth=165.5° SSE

10h51m52.0s Total Solar Eclipse begins
Position angle=189.7°, Position angle vertex=173.2°, Altitude=55.7°, Azimuth=200.3° SSW
Maximum eclipse: Total Solar Eclipse
Magnitude=105.043%, Obscuration=100.000%
Separation=29.52", Position angle=137.2°, Position angle vertex=120.2°, Altitude=55.6°, Azimuth=201.0° SSW,

10h54m55.9s Total Solar Eclipse ends
Position angle=84.8°, Position angle vertex=67.3°, Altitude=55.4°, Azimuth=201.6° SSW
Duration total phase=3.00 mins

12h10m43.6s Partial Solar Eclipse ends
Position angle=49.3°, Position angle vertex=11.8°, Altitude=46.6°, Azimuth=228.5° SW
Duration partial phase=2.60 hours