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Does education have to be tedious and hard to have merit? Puzzles prove that the answer is "no". In fact, the universe itself is made of puzzles and learning from them is part of the human instict. Puzzles should not be seen as objects which encourage antagonism, but as tools to train the mind for general problem solving. It is not even necessary to solve a puzzle, but it is essential to understand its goal and to think of a solution strategy. Moreover, the fact that many puzzles use impressive and sophisticated mechanisms makes it a rewarding and fascinating experience.



The University of Puzzles™ is a Puzzle School, that is, an educational institution designed for efficient instruction and examination of students in many branches of simple or advanced learning. This is achieved by simply employing and enjoying puzzles. It aims to nurture the highest human faculty, the intellect. The University of Puzzles™ is also a Puzzle University because it focuses on how a specific puzzle, brain teaser, paradox, riddle, or enigma provides knowledge for a corresponding academic discipline, such as Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Computer Science, Philosophy, Psychology, Arts, etc. For this purpose, we use the vast variety of Pantazis Puzzles which employ unique patented mechanisms, utilize fresh themes, and encourage novel ways of thinking.



The University of Puzzles™ symbol consists of the "Meandros" (a tribute to all the labyrinths and mazes), the "Stomachion" (the very first known mechanical puzzle), and an ancient Greek proverb (quoted by Thales and supported by Plato) denoting the importance of "the balance of the body and mind".



The University of Puzzles™ uses puzzles mainly invented by Dr Pantazis Constantine Houlis. Dr Pantazis is a mathematician with postgraduate degrees in both Mathematics and Engineering and has been intrigued by puzzles since he was young. Besides his successful academic career as an Electric and Civil Engineer researcher and distinguished lecturer, he has a vast collection of thousands of puzzles, one fifth of which are his own designs. Moreover, all of the puzzle designs, mechanisms, and themes listed in this website are made by Dr Pantazis Constantine Houlis, unless stated otherwise in the individual puzzle webpage. He has an extraordinary history of inventing unique and novel concepts, and each single concept may be used to design a completely new stream of hundrends of puzzles. More information about Dr Pantazis may be found here. For a webpage with a summary of the University of Puzzles™, as well as an online interactive puzzle based on Fractional Disappearance(Footballusion), you may visit this link. For recent updates, you may visit the Pantazis Puzzles page.