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Visit MindStrat Puzzles to experience a Generation of New Puzzles with a Unique Rotational Gravity Mechanism, as well as the... Puzzle Ninja!

Trihx... the Puzzle Ninja!



And to read Greece's Football Odyssey from the Bottom to the Top of Europe, click here!

To listen to the Official Euro Greece 2004 theme click here!
(biggest summer hit of all time, was made by some crazy Greeks like me!!!)

To hear some Greek commentating for one of the goals, click here!
To hear Sky news commentating in disbelief, click here!

Or even better, watch MY NEW FLOVIE about Greece's sensational victory!!! :D
Mr Collina says: "Watch it, or you'll be red carded!"

Kastellorizo island (also known as Megisti) or
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Where is Kastellorizo? Click HERE to find out! :)

Visit the new Powerstrike forums also known as
Grand Master Peter's Arcade Island! :)
You may leave there any of your comments, suggestions or opinions!

Many thanks to the people who created M.A.M.E. (multiple arcade machine emulator)
If you wish to help MAME in any possible or impossible way, please click HERE! :)
And if you wish to "help me", please click HERE to view my wish list! :)

Click HERE to view the HUGE list of my Recommended MAME Games! :-)
(with many many screenshots)

Click HERE to view my handheld video game collection! :)
Click HERE to view my section with the cartoons I did at high school!  :)
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